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Description: is a portal that offers its users the latest Alternative Medicine news from ALL of the major online sites. In addition, offers users a highly rated alternative medicine search engine, and much more.

Demographics: Primary Audience: – Median age is 39 – Median annual income is $92,000 – 79% Male; 21% Female

Ad Specifications: < 14K in size, supporting all formats including gif and rich media.

Psychographics: 100% of site users are health enthusiasts; 25% of which have already purchased online. 70% say they plan to purchase online within the next 6 months. Users demand the most up to date information and are very loyal to

Content/Competitive Restrictions: No adult content, Warez, MP3 or competing sites.

Advertising/Marketing Opportunities: Banners, Text Links, Logo Links, Category Sponsorships and Keyword Sponsorships

Banner Sizes Supported: 468 x 60 Full Banner that is guaranteed to appear at the top of each page for increased visibility and click-thru rates, 125 x 125 Square Button, 120 x 90 Button, 125 x 60 Button, and 88 x 31 Micro Button

BANNER ASSISTANCE: Need help with a banner? No problem, we will help design one that will generate a very high click-thru rate!


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